The Best Incoming Rookie You’ve Never Heard of: Kyle Pitts

As NFL front offices prepare to select the correct rookies ahead of this weekend, fantasy football players would be wise to research rookies as well. We have discovered a deep “sleeper” rookie you should know. This goes for dynasty players and redraft players, too.

University of Florida has a secret that might just give you an advantage in fantasy: a tight end named Kyle Pitts. We strongly suggest looking at the 6’6″ Pitts, who weighs 245 pounds and had a “breakout age” of 18. While everyone else gushes over the likes of Duke’s Noah Grey and Boston College’s Hunter Long, we recommend selecting Pitts in the middle of the third round in your rookie drafts, or even the back of the second round if you like what see in this article. In redraft leagues, he’s worth a selection as well.

Pitts has flown completely under the radar as dynasty players analyze their rookies this spring. But why?

Well, Pitts did catch 12 touchdown passes in his junior season at Florida in just eight games. It’s worth remembering that NFL teams play 17 games in a season now, which is over double eight games. Some scouts are worried Pitts may get tired during a season with that many games. Because of this, he is going to fall down in the rankings. There are also so few tight ends built like him that we do not really know who to compare him to. That makes analyzing him difficult, so it is common to lower rankings on players with insane skill and potential since they are so rare.

Pitts has what it takes to be a great tight end. The question is, are you bold enough to take that risk in your drafts?

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