Six Reasons Trevor Lawrence Should Not Be the First Pick in Your Rookie Draft

It seems everyone and their mother has decided that pretty boy quarterback extraordinaire Trevor Lawrence is the consensus 1.01 in fantasy football SuperFlex dynasty drafts.

The team here at the Fantasy Gazette are just not convinced. Last we checked, Lawrence got whooped in the 2019 NCAA championship game by good ole Joe Burrow – who barely escaped with his life last season in his first NFL season.

This almost guarantees that Lawrence won’t have what it takes. If this alone isn’t enough to convince you to pass over Lawrence for a much safer pick – such as the Vikings’ Kellen Mond or Bucs’ Kyle Trask – here are six reasons to do just that.

1. Trevor’s first name is actually William. Any man who hides his first name is a coward and of suspect character. Also, we don’t know any William’s that are good at football. 

2. He recently got married. Between the good cooking and good loving, Trevor is bound to devolve into a pudgy and lethargic shell of his former self. You won’t be getting Lawrence on your team for the long haul.

3. He lost two whole games in college. Lawrence concluded his collegiate career with a record of 34-2. We don’t know about you but if we’re going to draft a player at the top of the first round in our Dynasty rookie draft we want a player that dominated, not one who has a penchant for losing.

4. Both of his parents are still alive. Every year, the best incoming college prospects have parents that fit into one of the “3 D’s:” deceased, divorced, or drug-addicted. It also helps to have been homeless at some point – which unfortunately Trevor hasn’t experienced.  Does Trevor even have the drive within him to succeed?

5. He once told reporters his favorite brand of shampoo is Pantene. WTF?

6. He has off-the-field issues. Last March, Trevor violated NCAA rules by launching a charity fundraiser on popular crowdfunding website GoFundMe to raise money for Covid-19 victims and their families. Thankfully, Clemson University and the NCAA acted quickly and took down the page before things got out of hand. It’s apparent then that Lawrence struggles with following authority and could be a behavioral problem in an NFL locker room.

Based on these findings there is likely much more than six reasons, but these should be more than enough to look elsewhere when you are selecting your fantasy team’s next star young Quarterback.

Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

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