Woah: 49ers Now Offering All Their Dogecoin For Aaron Rodgers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After reports from Adam Schefter and more that reigning NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers is “disgruntled” in Green Bay, the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly upped their trade offer for the star quarterback. The team’s current trade offer is now every single cent of Dogecoin the 49ers own – straight up for Rodgers.

“We already offered our third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and more,” said 49ers General Manager John Lynch. “It didn’t go through, so we have to take drastic measures. A quarterback with the pedigree and talent of Aaron Rodgers comes just once in a lifetime. We looked at all the assets we own and went with the most valuable: all our Dogecoin. We are willing to miss out on a trip to the moon for Aaron.”

The cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin (listed as $DOGE) started out as a joke in 2013, but is now part of potentially the biggest NFL trade offer in recent memory. Apparently, the San Francisco 49ers football team owns a significant stake in the coin, which is currently being traded at $0.30 cents. It had been sitting at $0.06 cents for several weeks until earlier this April.

Denise DeBartolo York, the majority owner of the 49ers, added an even more shocking statement as to just how badly they want Rodgers. “The San Francisco 49ers recently were planning on taking two trips to the moon. The first, Dogecoin. The second, Mac Jones,” she said. “Now we are risking both for Aaron Rodgers. I am not willing to speak on exactly how much we own, but it would ruin your life if you found out. The only thing more important to our franchise than all our Dogecoin is getting Aaron Rodgers to the Bay Area.”

Rodgers, a California native and 49ers fan as a child, has been linked speculatively to the 49ers, but now that the franchise is willing to part with all their Dogecoin, it may soon be a reality to see Rodgers in maroon and gold.

It’s now up to the front office in Green Bay to decide if they want to keep their franchise quarterback, or ride Dogecoin to the stratosphere.

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