NFL Votes to Add Controversial “Phone-A-Fan” Rule to 2022 Draft

After the conclusion of the 2021 NFL draft on Sunday, executives and coaches from across the NFL gathered together in an emergency online video call to discuss a growing issue: bad talent evaluation. According to a recent Twitter poll of NFL fans, just 11% of fans were satisfied with their favorite team’s picks.

This stat was especially alarming to Packers GM Brian Gutekunst: “We in Green Bay do whatever we can to satisfy the loyal fans with our drafting process,” he said. “That number was unacceptably low, and we as a league need to address this. Who is responsible for angering their beloved fans?! Tell me!”

Many disgruntled fans tweeted their frustration this past weekend, catching the eye of NFL brass. Twitter user @DannyDimesSZN8 cried out “This is stupid!” and @49ersDaddy shouted “Why in God’s name are we drafting a guard???” as NFL fans littered the Twittersphere nearly every moment of the NFL draft.

Shortly following the emergency meeting, Commissioner Roger Gooddell spoke to the media to inform them of a brand new rule to go into effect during the 2022 NFL Draft.

This new rule – nicknamed the “Phone-A-Fan” rule – is a savvy way to help NFL war rooms make the right decision when their team is on the clock. Once per draft, each team will be permitted to place a call to a predetermined fan to ask their opinion on an upcoming pick. The fans will not just be your average Joe’s – they are going to be fantasy football championship winners from the previous season.

This will undoubtedly serve to reform the decidedly-awful track record of talent evaluation plaguing the NFL.

“Year after year we try so hard. . .and year after year we wildly miss,” lamented an anonymous Raiders executive. “Phone-A-Fan can connect us with real fantasy experts who can help us turn this organization around.”

With NFL analytics teams and talent evaluators facing incredible pressure and time constraints before the draft, 2022 will bring a welcome wave of knowledge from a very knowledgeable fanbase. Rather than relying on countless years of in-depth analytics, detailed evaluators and metrics, hours upon hours of careful film study, and a highly specialized team designed specifically for the purpose of drafting good college football players, NFL teams can now rest easy knowing they can simply Phone-A-Fan and speak to a fantasy football champion that has watched a few college highlights and done a couple mock drafts online.

If you win your fantasy league this fall you may just get to select your favorite player for your team next April! Good luck!

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