8 “Trading” Tips That Will Blow Your Partner’s Mind

Trading is a lot of fun. In fact, good trading isn’t just fun, it’s a healthy part of every fantasy football relationship. This week at the Gazette, we were privileged to interview several of the leading experts on trading worldwide. What we learned was nothing short of mind-blowing!

Do you want to know the secrets to better trades?

Do you want your DMs blowing up with text after text asking to trade with you?

Do you want to be an absolute animal on the trade block?

Do you want to blow your trade partners mind?

If you said yes, then check out these never before seen trading tips and tricks directly from the experts themselves!

1. Know your partner

Some people need to talk through what they like and desire to feel close to their partner before they accept a trade. Others may like to skip the negotiations, quit wasting time, and get right down to the nitty-gritty. Observe their tastes.

2. Communication is key

Make sure that at every point throughout the trade, both you and your partner communicate wants and needs clearly and effectively. Nothing spoils the fun quite like bad communication!

3. Don’t talk about previous trade partners

Do NOT reference previous partners you have traded with for any reason. Never. Ever. Period. This opens the door to jealousy and is best to be ignored. What matters is here, now, and this trade.

4. Don’t make fun of your potential partner’s likes or dislikes

If a trade gets a little too wild for your tastes, you can also try something a little bit more vanilla to make you feel more comfortable for now. Don’t forget to communicate!

5. Don’t wrap up negotiations too quickly

Finish the trade too soon and one partner is bound to get ripped off. Take too long. . .and you may never get to seal the deal after they back out. Aim for that sweet spot.

6. Ask about a three-way

Inviting a third member in for a trade is known for being awkward and difficult to pull off, but when done correctly this trade idea is sure to spice things up!

7. Don’t forget the after-care!

A good trade should always end with a pat on the back, a firm handshake, or an encouraging word like “good work” or “pleasure doing business with you.” No need to press accept and run!

8. Most importantly……HAVE FUN!!!

Unless of course…….you’re only in it for the money.

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