Braxton’s Corner: Lamar Jackson is a Running BAck and Sucks DO NOT DRAFT

hey guys its braxton and welcome to Braxtons Corner. i am 13 years old and my cousin works for the fantasy gazette.

I am going to teach you guys stuff about fantasy football you can use to win ylour leagues starting with lamar jackson who is a running back for Ravens. first off he is not a quarterback he sucks i wood not draft him.

so like i said this week i will talk about Blatimore ravens RUNNING BACK lamar jackson. yes hes a running back because he sucks at throwing and the ravens are bad lol.

My friend Aiden likes Lamar and keeps telling me that the ravens are going to win the super bowl. sorry buddy not gonna happen. running back lamar can barely get the ball too any of his receivers and rookie Rashod Bateman sucks too. Mark Andrews is overrated and i’d rather have tj hockensen;, or noah Fant. Or travis kelsey.

RUNING BACK lamar jackson is garbage he sucks guys and he was a bust for fantasy football last year.. Maybe if runningback lamar jackson stopped running for 1000 yards he could throw to holywood brown whos really fast.

mahomes is better josh allen is beter kyler murray is better and russell wilson too. do NOT DRAFT running back lamar jackson (not a QB Aiden sorry) in fantasy this year. i do not care he was mvp once he cant throw.!

Thank you for reading braxton’s corner have a good week

picture of RB Lamar Jackson fumbling (he sucks)

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