Absolute Waste of Human Being Drops Pass in Minicamp

Reports from NFL camps in the off-season are crucial for fans who want to know who will (and who won’t) succeed come the 2021 NFL season.

Embarrassing reports from minicamp on Tuesday revealed that a high-profile rookie was recorded dropping a pass during his team’s rookie minicamp and the video made its rounds on Twitter. This piss-poor showing from the rookie is nothing more than a clear indication he’s a waste of space and very likely going to completely fail in his pro career. I mean, seriously, what the hell? Not only has a NFL program given you millions of dollars, the spotlight, a nice hat on draft night, and more, but you go and drops a pass for all of us on social media to see? Shameful. This ungrateful generation of athletes just keeps on breeding with no end in sight. Christ almighty, if I was in the NFL (a ROOKIE, mind you) I would make sure I get my hands around the football literally every time. The good Lord gave me two good hands and I’d use them, unlike these horrible excuses for professional athletes. If my boss saw me doing something at work as atrociously stupid and bad as dropping a single pass I’d be out on the streets by sundown.

I play fantasy football just like you, and you can guarantee I’m dropping this sad sack of a human being from every roster I can now that I’ve seen him drop a singular pass on a Twitter video in the middle of May. If they drop a pass without even a SOUL guarding them, they might as well give back their contracts like any right-minded person would do. God knows I would.

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