HEARTBREAKING: Listen to these Wide Receivers Tell Their Story About Being Unfairly Compared to Randy Moss

Recently, it has become popular to compare wide receivers to NFL Hall of Famer and Vikings legend Randy Moss. This is clearly too high of an expectation and takes an emotional toll on the players.

The Fantasy Gazette sat down with players who have been unfairly linked to Randy Moss.

Tyreek Hill

“It’s really not cool to compare me to Randy Moss, because I’m extremely fast and he’s extremely good at everything else wide receivers do.”

Justin Jefferson

“You have all destroyed my self-confidence by constantly comparing me to Randy Moss. Every night I cry myself to sleep knowing I can never be as good as he was.”

Kyle Pitts

“I recently learned that I am already better than Randy Moss. It devastated me to learn the power I possess at such a young age. It has caused me to forget my own humanity and empathy for other beings beneath me.”

Calvin Johnson

“I’ve been compared to Randy Moss, and it hurts every single time. Both Vikings and Lions fans expected us to be great, but his fans expected wins, too.”

Randy Moss

“As a former Randy Moss, it hurts me to see people think that I can be as good as he was. I’m way older, so it is impossible now.”

Michael Thomas, unprompted

“Nobody has been comparing me to Randy Moss, and I just want to know why. Did you guys know I set the single season record for catches in a season? Did you? I did. I have that record. Randy doesn’t. I just want the credit that I deserve and then I’ll let this whole thing go.”

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