Holy Shit: Funniest Guy in Entire Universe Names Fantasy Team “Show Me Your TDs”

Gazette sources have confirmed the single funniest man in the entire fucking universe just named his fantasy football team “Show Me Your TDs.”

We don’t know about you, but the genius-level intellect and advanced humor has us crying. The unbelievably hilarious and clever nickname “Show Me Your TDs” is a play-on-words. We figured it would need explained for the feeble minds that cannot comprehend it, so we had the brilliant comedian dumb it down for you numbskulls:

“TDs” is short for touchdowns, which I love, right? But it also sounds like “titties” when said out loud, and I sure do love those too,” the professional comedian said. “I came up with it by myself.”

The Gazette’s staff has been laughing our asses off nonstop at his fantasy team name. It’s so damn funny and not overdone. I mean, think about it guys, TDs sounds like titties! How have we never seen or heard about this before? Holy shit, you guys, this might be the funniest damn thing we have ever heard. It would be a great idea if every single fantasy league had a team with this name somewhere. It will never get old and it is the pinnacle of comedy. Congratulations to the funniest man ever for doing this.

At press time, the funniest man in the universe joined another league and named his team “My Ball Zach Ertz.”

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