Jakobi Meyers Excited To Receive Way More Off-Target Throws From Cam Newton As Patriots’ New WR1

FOXBORO, MA – Third-year wide receiver Jakobi Meyers is turning heads in New England so far this off-season. Word is that Meyers could emerge as the Pats’ top pass-catcher over NFL megastars Nelson Agholor, Kendrick Bourne, Gunner Olszewski. Oh yeah, and N’Keal Harry. They are battling to emerge as Cam Newton’s favorite player to give off-target throws to, and Meyers is winning.

We asked Meyers how he was feeling about his role.

“I want to get thrown more errant passes, man. Tryna rise up – but these other guys are just so damn good. Nelson runs a mean go route before Cam underthrows him. Gunner had a great out route earlier before getting hit in the leg with the ball.” Meyers continued: “I can’t just expect to get thrown wild passes. I have to earn that right. Being a WR1 for us team is a big responsibility! I have to come in, do my job, and contort my body to reach both behind and above where I actually wanted to catch it.”

With a roster absolutely chock-full of perennial studs who all have the capability to be missed by Newton’s throws, Meyers certainly has his work cut out for him. That said, we are beginning to see beat reporters make lofty comparisons.

He’s Allen Robinson 2.0,” said a Patriots beat reporter. “When I see Meyers get off-target throws from Cam, it’s like watching Robinson get missed by Blake Bortles right in front of my eyes. It’s special.”

Meyers knows he can be that type of player. “I’ve gone back and watched Larry Fitzgerald get overthrown by like a dozen different white guys, and he’s handling it so well. I can be that for this team.

Even surrounded by so many highly-accomplished vets, we believe Meyers has the opportunity to come out on top for the Patriots. Meyers would easily become our redraft WR7 behind Terry McLaurin and probably slide into the top 15 for dynasty in leagues that give points for targets but not for receptions.

Don’t sleep. Draft accordingly.

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