Pro Football Focus ‘Completely Out Of Ideas’ After Asking Twitter Users To Rank Every NFL Player For Them

Pro Football Focus released an official statement Sunday that they are “completely out of ideas” and that their “creative juices have been exhausted” following the completion of asking Twitter for their thoughts and rankings on every single NFL player.

PFF is known for skipping out on actual analysis and genuine content creation – instead taking advantage of social media users’ desperate needs to tweet opinions and get in arguments about rankings. Now that they’ve done it on every single player now, they do not know where to go.

“We just sat down and were like ‘Hey, what if we just got Twitter to argue over rankings for all the players?’ and from that point on, we just compiled our rankings from there and we are ready for the 2021 NFL season now,” said an anonymous social media manager for the company. “Now, we’re screwed. Do we have to come up with something original now? Or do we just keep tweetbaiting the fantasy community to rank players for us?”

The strategy was a bold one, and PFF has been consistently getting the replies they want. Now that they are officially done, however, they will need to pivot to a new strategy. It remains to be seen how they will manipulate people to do their work for them in the future, but rest assured they’re going to try.

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