Surprising New Study Reveals Women Just As Likely As Men To Have Internet Fantasy Football Addiction

Contrary to popular belief, some recent really big official studies show that women are also at high risk for becoming addicted to internet fantasy football (IFF) along with men. In years past, it was widely accepted that only males were susceptible to IFF addiction but with the dawn of the computer age and with unlimited easy access, it seems more and more women are falling prey as well.

An anonymous woman who participated in the really official IFF addiction study told us, “My husband was getting busier and busier at work and fantasy football helped me fill the void while he was gone.”

Another young woman who appeared nervous and distraught said she had only intended to try one redraft league. She was now in 23 dynasty leagues and had begun selling rare football cards to her college friends to pay for her DFS addiction and multiple FF Patreon accounts. She begged us not to tell her parents.

These stories along with countless others show that internet fantasy football is becoming a real problem for everyone regardless of gender. We even heard about one married couple who participated in fantasy football together as a way to spice up there marriage. This is obviously just terrible and will create unrealistic expectations on their marriage.

While fantasy football may seem harmless at first, it has a reputation of causing significant anger issues, numerous financial problems, and sometimes even mild depression due to bad drafting decisions.

Readers, the internet is a dangerous place. We at the Gazette implore you to watch out for those around you and to get help if you or someone you love, male or female has fallen victim to an internet fantasy football (IFF) addiction. It can happen at anytime and apparently to anyone.

Be safe out there!

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