Breaking: NFL Will NOT Suspend Players With Sexual Assault Allegations As Long As 80% Of Victims Are Vaccinated

With sexual assault allegations and COVID-19 vaccines dominating NFL headlines, Roger Goodell announced Friday the league is taking serious action.

The NFL will be operating by what they have dubbed “the 80/20 rule.” It states that no players will be suspended for sexual charges as long as at least 80% of the alleged victims are fully vaccinated against coronavirus.**

As many are aware, Texans star quarterback Deshaun Watson has been the subject of 22 sexual assault and harassment filings since March of this year alone.

This may seem like a decent amount of sex-related charges, but it’s scary to think that the 22 victims might not all be vaccinated. Issuing a statement Friday, the NFL will personally conduct its own investigation.

Watson may have been in contact with up to 22 unvaccinated women.

While Watson is busy hitting the field just in time for training camp like any other season, the NFL will thoroughly test each and every one of Watson’s 22 accusers for traces of the COVID-19 virus. If 80% or more are vaccinated, he can play! Woohoo!

Thank God for leaders who care about people and not just money! Everyone knows a positive covid test is way worse than alleged sexual assault – and it seems the NFL is acting accordingly. The pandemic almost took away the 2020 season, and the NFL cannot afford to be soft when it comes to Covid-19 protocols.

Because they obviously care about people first, the NFL is trying their best to make sure we get a fun-filled football season with all our favorite players. I for one am so glad the NFL isn’t letting something as trivial as a little sexual assault stop us all from watching our beloved game with healthy athletes.

**The 80/20 rule does not apply if the assaulter is wearing an NFL protocol approved n-95 mask or face shield or if they have come within six feet of any member of the Buffalo Bills.

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