How Many Of These Fantasy Footballers Moments Do You Remember?

Many fantasy football players know “The Fantasy Footballers” simply as Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright. However, super fans know even the most obscure facts about their show. Which of these 22 famous moments from their show do you remember?

  1. When Andy introduced the show as “The Fantasy Basketballers” by mistake and they were forced to improvise basketball opinions for the entire episode
  2. When they rolled in a color TV and told the listeners they’d get to watch a movie instead
  3. When they assigned a worksheet to go along with the movie and immediately lost 10,000 subscribers
  4. When they asked Mike Wright why he goes by “The Hitman” so he killed someone live on set
  5. When the cardboard bear “Jay Griz” came to life, mauled a producer, and then profusely apologized on social media through the Notes app
  6. When they accidentally played nothing but hemorrhoid cream commercials for an entire month but then became the #1 podcast in the age 50-75 demographic
  7. When they re-enacted the battle of Little Big Horn using miniature Cowboys and Redskins football figurines
  8. When Jason forgot to show up for an episode and they stole his diary and read a few pages as punishment, but the diary revealed he liked Andy better than Mike and it turned into this big thing
  9. When they left their mics on and got caught criticizing Obamacare
  10. When they hosted a show inside of a Burger King for promotional purposes and had a great time
  11. When Andy used the show’s influence to run for governor of Arizona and took fourth
  12. That time nobody wrote into the mailbag so they had to read off e-mails from the spam folder
  13. When Darrell Henderson, Jr. showed up to say if they called him “Darnell Anderson” one more time he’d sue the hell out of them
  14. When Jason confessed that he didn’t care for “The Godfather” or “Surf’s Up” at all
  15. When they had their best show ever but the microphones, soundboard, computers, and lights all weren’t plugged in
  16. When they played Wii Sports and Mike got so mad when he lost at boxing he threw his Wiimote straight through Jay Griz’s head
  17. When they wanted to award a 2018 Toyota Corolla to the lucky 100th caller but Andy forgot to go pick up the car so they had to give away an autographed napkin instead
  18. When they recited the Torah and became men
  19. When 2011 e-mails surfaced of them saying Doug Martin would be a good dynasty asset for 10 years
  20. When the old man who lives below the studio finally came up to scream about them for being too loud
  21. When their shared dynasty league got deleted and they were so sad that they abandoned fantasy football and turned the whole show into a podcast about gardening tips and tricks for single dads
  22. When they hotboxed the studio on April 20th and gave away 420 limited edition Josh Gordon bobbleheads

Wow! 22 famous moments from a gang of friends just being friends talking about fantasy football. We love them and their show: and we know you do too! It was so fun to go through memory lane with you, dear reader. Keep on fantasy footballering! Andy’s next campaign for governor of Arizona needs your support!

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