Eric Andre Cast As Panthers WR Robby Anderson In Upcoming Biopic

“What That Bear Doing?” an upcoming biopic on the life and legacy of Panthers WR Robby Anderson has been announced via Columbia Pictures and will feature comedian Eric Andre playing Robby.

The film will detail Anderson’s early life, rise to NFL semi-stardom, and devastating years of torture from Adam Gase, before being set free to play in sunny Carolina.

“Yeah, man, I’m pumped,” said Andre. “I have been watching the candid moment where Robby thinks the Panthers mascot is a bear and can’t figure out his name is Sir Purr. Really gets me into character.” Andre said he is reliving his darkest moments to portray the WR’s agony of being coached by Sam Darnold.

“It’s a reunion movie,” Andre continued. “When he breaks free from Sam Darnold only to be hunted back down – that’s emotional and such a powerful dynamic.”

Darnold will be played by Jesse Plemans. The film will be released next April.

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