Massive Fight At Fantasy Football Expo About Whether Or Not Jalen Hurts Is A QB1 Leads To Street Riot

CANTON, OH – A simple question about whether or not Jalen Hurts is a fantasy QB1 at the Fantasy Football Expo in Canton has escalated into an all-out riot in the streets, according to sources.

A panel on QBs opened up microphones to a Q&A session when one attendee got up and asked if Jalen Hurts should be in the top 12 for 2021 rankings. Onlookers said other attendees began shouting and passerby’s began entering the room to fight about Hurts’ placement. One witness described it as “the worst thing” he’s ever seen. Police in riot gear approached in the streets as the question spiraled into a massive riot between those who loved and those who hated Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

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