Woman Listening to Fantasy Football Podcast Not Sure why Men Need So Many Ads Reminding Them To Shave Their Balls

SEATTLE, WA – Local fantasy football player Courtney Smith was catching up on a few of her favorite podcasts when she was reportedly ‘confused’ why the male listeners needed to many reminders to shave their balls, sources to the Gazette confirmed.

“I mean, I guess the new SkinSafe technology from Manscaped is kinda nice,” she said. “Are their male listeners not shaving their balls already? This is the third ad from them in the last half hour.”

The wireless charging system and waterproof technology built into the handheld pubic hair maintenance products was reportedly ‘not impressing Smith’ in the slightest. Smith then approached some of her friends for a fantasy football-and-brunch session, as is their usual tradition.

“Melissa told me she was trying to figure out her Wide Receiver rankings when she was hit with her 5th advertisement on making sure she shaved her balls correctly and just gave up,” Smith continued. “Then Jess said she had already memorized the commercial breaks from Philips, Gilette, and Remington just from her podcasts this morning. We all just assumed men need a ton of reminders to shave their balls, I guess.”

At press time, the girls had decided to try out a new podcast, but were immediately turned away when the show began with a 4-minute advertisement for men on tweezing techniques.

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