LARP Community Demands Fantasy Football Players Remove ‘Fantasy’ From Their Name

San Francisco, CA – At the 2021 LARP-Con, advocates for inclusive language have demanded fantasy football players remove the term ‘fantasy’ from their name, effective immediately.

“We have had enough,” said Evan Draper while dressed as Sir Lancelot of the Round Table. “They’ve gotten away for this blasphemous language for too long. WE are the true fantasizers, not these heathenous jocks. I pity thee.”

LARP-Con Director Amanda Ford echoed a similar statement from the main stage while simultaneously unsheathing a plastic sword. “Language shall evolve. We doth suggest they change thy name to ‘Pretend Footballers,’ or something less offensive to the LARP community. It be-eth time, privy thee.”

At press time, LARP Con had been ‘cancelled’ on social media for its use of swords, which offended the blacksmithing community that was meeting for BlackSmith Con just down the road. It remains to be seen how the fantasy football community will respond to the charges.

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