Mike Evans’ Reputation After 7 Excellent Seasons Now In Extreme Jeopardy Following Single Below-Average Game

TAMPA, FL – Following a lackluster game on Thursday Night Football, the 2021 NFL season opener, superstar wideout Mike Evans’ reputation is now in shambles, reports have confirmed.

An extremely rare breed of athlete, Evans has put together a remarkable 7 consecutive seasons with at least 1,000 yards. Hardly any player can claim that amount of high-level production for that long, but it appears after the Buccaneers’ outside WR had just 3 catches, he won’t be very good ever again, no matter what. It’s sad to see a player in their prime have a singular bad game, but it’s safe to say this pathetic excuse of a human being should not be started (or even rostered) in fantasy football for the remainder of the year.

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