Underperforming Wide Receiver Moved To Flex Spot For Motivation

Seattle, WA – Local fantasy football player Zach Thompson moved his best wide receiver, who has yet to perform up to lofty expectations, into the “Flex” spot instead of his usual “WR” designation in the starting lineup.

“He has to know it’s now or never,” Thompson said. “This will motivate him. If he knows he’s one bad week away from the bench, he’ll step it up and get me those points. Sometimes as a fantasy manager you have to do the unpopular thing to motivate your guys,” he said. “I’m not here to be their best friend.”

The WR, who has failed to carch a single touchdown while averaging a paltry 45 yards per game is simply not getting it done for Thompson’s Bazooka Sharks fantasy team. This move should get the player back on the right path.

At press time, Thompson moved a running back out of his lone IR spot in an attempt to heal the player faster.

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