Fantasy Player Asking For Lineup Advice Includes Entire Life Story For Context

Jackson, TN – Local fantasy football player Darrel Chadwick needed some lineup advice for his matchup this week and headed to social media to ask his favorite analyst. Chadwick tweeted a 37-tweet backstory to his team, his league, and his entire life to help the analyst make the choice.

“This analyst needs to know about my childhood too, you know, for context”

Darrel Chadwick

The tweets began innocently enough. The analyst asked their followers if any had some lineup questions for tomorrow. That’s when Darrel’s 37 tweets began pouring in:

Tweet #1: “A.J. Dillon or Amon-Ra St. Brown in the flex? 12 team, half-PPR. I’m 2-3 and need to beat the Commish! You should also know I had a rough childhood.”

Tweet #2: “Life wasn’t always easy growing up. Sometimes, there just wasn’t money for food on the table. I grew up Southern Baptist, and recently there’s just been some deep thoughts I’ve had on religion and what it all means…”

Tweet #11: “My RBs are Derrick Henry (nice, right?), Antonio Gibson, and Chuba Hubbard. So maybe Dillon? My WRs are Diontae Johnson, D.J. Moore, and Marquez Callaway. Wait, do you think Amon-Ra makes more sense?”

Tweet #15: “I was bullied mercilessly in seventh grade, too. They made fun of how much I loved Egyptian mythology. So, I’m kinda leaning Amon-Ra just to prove them wrong.”

Tweet #19: “The guy in fifth place has Ezekiel Elliott. I’ll explain why that matters for this decision later.”

Tweet #26: “I liked the Lions growing up. But that’s a dumb reason to choose a guy, right? LOL 😂😉😱

Tweet #33: “My mom says my crippling inability to make a decision stems from my dad. That being said, wouldn’t you also go with a Packers RB in the flex? They just run so much.”

Tweet #37: “…and that’s why my team is 2-3. So, if you were me, Dillon or St. Brown?!”

The analyst recommended he start Amon-Ra St. Brown, probably because “Jared Goff would need to throw a lot.” Chadwick scoffed at the tweet and replied “Wow. Sorry, but you don’t know what you’re talking about. Just a stupid take,” and immediately chose A.J. Dillon instead.

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