Problem Solved: Chipotle Unveils New “AJ Brown Bowl,” A Burrito Bowl That’s Covered With TUMS

Chiptole – In some of the more bizarre 2021 NFL News, Titans star WR A.J. Brown came down with food poisoning earlier this month after eating Chipotle. Well, the company has “clapped back” with a brand new product that’s soon to hit the market.

Chipotle CEO Brian Niccol was thrilled to announce the newest menu item following the craze: “We have taken our regular burrito bowl option, and you can now choose the ‘A.J. Brown Bowl’ instead, and we’ll douse your bowl with TUMS.” A+ marketing, fellas!

“We heard the reports from the football man and decided we had better act. Snarky tweets weren’t doing it anymore, it was time for real change. I got on the phone with the TUMS team and they were more than ready for a brand collaboration. Now, you don’t have to worry about food poisoning one bit when every other bite of your delicious southwest bowl comes with a flavorful TUMS tablet.”

Brown showed out in the Titans Week 7 domination of the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday and promptly sat down in front of reporters while eating a steak bowl with mild salsa, corn, guacamole, pinto beans, rice, and a few pastel-colored chewable tablets. Reporters were confused before Brown calmly explained his stomach had never felt better.

“Once I downed a delicious steak A.J. Brown Bowl with over 20 TUMS on top I felt great,” Brown said. “My stomach had never felt more soothed, and that helped me snag 133 receiving yards and a touchdown. Thanks Chipotle!”

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