Counter Point: If You Didn’t Take My Last Trade, Why Won’t You Take This Even Worse One? You Dumbass?

Fantasy Gazette sources confirmed that someone in your fantasy football league has a brand new special trade offer for you: the exact same offer you declined, but this time you give up even more. Deal or no deal?

“Yeah I just figured if you didn’t like my last offer, you’d be interested in giving me even more than I originally asked for. I’m doing you a favor,” said your league mate. “If you think about it, you should’ve given me more than I asked for, so this is just a new offer that reflects how dumb you are for not accepting my first trade.”

Wow! Not only did you not like the first trade, but now that it’s even worse for your side, you’ve sure got some thinking to do now.

At press time, your league member had once again upped how much you would give him and immediately declined three of your counter-offers. It remains to be seen if anyone else in the league will take one of the offers they got.

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