You Won’t Believe How Many Of These Trade Deadline Rumors We Completely Made Up

Fantasy Gazette is here to deliver breaking NFL and fantasy football news, no matter how many clicks we want. Tuesday is the trade deadline, and you need to know all the trade rumors, most importantly the ones that make you stay on our website. Let’s see how far you get into this list of rumors before you realize we made all of them up:

  • Jets are asking for a 2022 1st, 2023 1st, and 2024 1st in exchange for QB Mike White. They say it’s “a fair price” for the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards per game
  • Bears WR Allen Robinson will be traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a 2023 pick, $500 to their team store, and one Shibcoin from Tom Brady.
  • The Packers found out that Aaron Rodgers and Steelers HC Mike Tomlin smiled at each other once, so the Pack are planning to trade their franchise QB to the Steelers’ rival Cleveland Browns for Baker Mayfield and a 2022 first in an epic revenge plot.
  • Sources from within the Jets organization have confirmed the team will send Jamison Crowder to the Chiefs
  • The Jets also will send Elijah Moore to the Chiefs
  • And Denzel Mims
  • Rams will trade the remaining three picks they have next year to the Tennessee Titans for Adrian Peterson, completing their gauntlet of elite players from 2015
  • Sean Payton and the Saints reached out to Dallas for Cedrick Wilson‘s availability. Payton was reportedly drooling watching Wilson play a hybrid WR/QB position after Taysom Hill went down with a concussion.
  • According to sources, the Denver Broncos will send RB Melvin Gordon III to whatever team will let the Broncos keep paying most of his salary
  • The Houston Texans are planning to keep WR Brandin Cooks, who they say is “an integral piece” to their playoff hopes
  • The Texans are also looking to move QB Deshaun Watson to any NFL team for upwards of a decade worth of fan attendance, brand recognition, and front office competency. The Vikings and Giants were reportedly interested and the Texans did not pick up the phone.
  • Dolphins CB Xavien Howard was linked to some solid deals, but he plays defense so we don’t care
  • The Giants and Steelers are planning a straight up swap of TEs Evan Engram and Eric Ebron, citing that a change in environment might help the players get out of a career-long funk that occasionally results in five-yard touchdowns
  • Bonus rumor: Anything about a WR not going to the Kansas City Chiefs is total bullcrap. They’re totally getting someone. I need this, okay? For fantasy.
  • The Dolphins are shopping QB Tua Tagovailoa to the Chargers for Justin Herbert, arguing that since they took Tua earlier in 2020, they are “doing Los Angeles a favor.”
  • Von Miller is reportedly heading back to the Broncos. GM George Paton said his “thumb slipped” and accidentally hit accept on yesterday’s trade

Tell us, how far did you get into this list of rumors before it was clear we made the whole thing up? Stay on the lookout for fake news like the list above today, Gazetters. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more breaking news.

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