PAINFUL: This Man Would’ve Won A Million Dollars On DraftKings If He Simply Picked A Different QB, WR2, WR3, TE, and Defense

Salem, MA – Pain. That’s the only word to describe local DFS player Mark Winters’ feeling after narrowly missing a giant, life-changing amount of cash on the DraftKings app this weekend. Winters needed just 105.9 more points from his “Full Roster” lineup to win $1,000,000.

According to sources, Winters played exactly zero of the players that won the top performer the “Milly Maker” contest, but had totally considered each of them at one point, which counts for something and means he had the right process we think.

Had he gone with those nine entirely different players, Mark Winters told us he’d “pay off his student loans from the 3 semesters he went to Boston College before dropping out, finish his payments on his 2005 Honda Accord, and quit his job at Home Depot.” Truly inspirational.

“Looking at the winner’s garbage roster – their process was WAY off. My time will come. I just went too chalky. If my running backs would have simply punched in the touchdowns of hypothetical red zone drives their teams didn’t have – I’d be rich. Also needed my tight end to catch more of his 2 targets. Also didn’t help my quarterback had that tipped pass for a INT and his team lost by 14. Also mix in the total bullcrap of paying up for a boom-or-bust WR that busted. Just 47 different outcomes and I’m a MILLIONAIRE.”

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