Braxton’s Corner: We Should Cyberbully NFL Players When They Hurt Our Fantasy Football Teams

hey gazette fans its braxton im sorry it has been so long. i am happy to be back writing braxtons corner for fantasy gazette. i was going to go play call of duty warzone but my stepdad Keith said i had to do the dishes first but I’m not doing that so I will write Braxton’s Corner instead.!

If you do not know me I am 13 years old I am a staff writer for Fantasy Gazette and am in charge of all hour unpaid interns. Like I said let’s get to it, I have a great idea: We Should Cyberbully NFL Players When They Hurt Our Fantasy Football Teams.

Think about it!!!!!!!!!!

If we all got on Twitter or snapchat or tiktok and got real mad at nfl player when they suck then they will “get their crap together” (that’ what my stepdad Keith says to me when I do stuf wrong). It’s a great idea and I’m going to do it. Yesterday, A.J. Brown didnt do too good. He had 30 yards and I needed him to get 150 it was total bullcrap, dude. So I am going to send some tweets to A.J. Brown and maybe a fan letter to the Tennessee Titans stadium and tell AJ Brown he let me down and needs to catch more passes if he wants to still have a spot on my team.

I think this would be a great idea to get the plyaers fired up and remind them who they really play for. I am going to lose my matchup because AJ Brown sucked and also because Chase Edmonds sucked by being hurt. I think if we all did what I wanna do and yell at them online we will start to see some real results so come on guys lets do this, lets yell at players online when they suck and get some famtasy footbal wins!!!! #YellAtPlayersOnline2021 #IHateYouAJBRown #BenchingYouForLaviska (idk how to spell shunalte so yeah sorry).


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