Allen Robinson Says He Won’t Play Better Until Enough People Drop Him From Their Fantasy Teams: “I Need The Motivation.”

Chicago, IL – Bears WR Allen Robinson, widely regarded as the worst draft pick someone could have made in fantasy football, made a shocking statement Wednesday when he announced that he “doesn’t feel like” playing really good again until more people drop him from their fantasy football leagues.

“It’s simple really,” Robinson said during a surprise Bears press conference. “I need the motivation. I need to feel like everyone is player hating on me, and to do that I need a lot more of you to drop me to the waiver wire in your leagues. Then, and only then, will I return to my former glory as a legit top 10 option at my position.” Wow!

Robinson, who was a round three pick in many fantasy drafts earlier this year, was projected as a target hog and WR1 regardless of who was at quarterback. Many favored him over other players like Diontae Johnson, Cooper Kupp, and Deebo Samuel, who have all wildly outperformed Robinson on the year. It sounds like Robinson just needs some fuel to his fire.

“Nobody counted on me when I tore my ACL. Nobody counted on me when Blake Bortles was throwing god-knows-what my way in Jacksonville. When everyone started relying on me this year, it just didn’t feel right. Just drop me from your fantasy football leagues, please. I deeply crave being on a ‘waiver wire targets’ list again. If it’s cool with y’all, I’ll start running and catching better once I’m dropped from at least 70% of leagues. Cool?” Robinson dropped his microphone and held up a peace sign high in the air as he triumphantly left the press conference ready for his plan to take action.

At press time, Justin Fields announced he would be targeting only Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet until Allen Robinson was not started in any fantasy league. “Anything to help my brother get back on top,” Fields said.

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