Struggling At DFS? Here are 5 GUARANTEED Strategies To Win Big

DFS, or “Daily Fantasy Sports,” brings Las Vegas to your phone, which is definitely a good thing for you and your family’s finances. Do you find yourself struggling to win big at these? Are the sharks taking your money while you constantly find yourself on the outside looking in? Here are 5 guaranteed strategies to secure a huge jackpot.

  1. The “Hail Mary”
    In a showdown matchup, you’re picking a roster of six players from both teams. Try the “Hail Mary,” and grab six of the cheapest players you can find. While the rest of the entries focus on maximizing budget, you can take the road less traveled. There’s a 1 in 1,000 shot you’ll hit this, so remember to try this strategy 999 times before pivoting to another strategy (on this list, duh!).
  2. “Special Teams Super Stack”
    Select both teams defenses and kickers. Follow it up with each squad’s best kick returner. Again, this will be a highly unowned team (this is a GOOD THING). Putting a lineup like this in a tournament would win some SERIOUS CASH if both teams return 3 kicks for touchdowns, a piece. We can see this happening!
  3. The “Next Man Up”
    Why pay big bucks for the big names if they’re just going to get hurt? Choose each team’s backup quarterback, backup running back, and the fullbacks. Injuries happen, and lineups like this account for them. Good selections for an unpredictable world!
  4. “Two First Names” tactic
    Literally everyone knows players with cool names are better athletes. Our recommendation? Get players with two first names (super dope). For example, THE Andrew Dalton is a must-start over weirdly-named players like Patrick Mahomes (yuck) or Justin Herbert (*fart noise). Load up on some double names, grab some nicknamed players or guys with perms, and you’re on your way to the DFS leaderboard.
  5. Good Old Fashioned Cheating

This old-as-time DFS strategy involves organized fixing professional sports games. Grab your buddies, con your way onto a NFL field via officiating, impersonating a coach, or otherwise…and simply change the outcome of the game by cheating. Here’s how it works. Captain someone with low ownership, like Kansas City’s Byron Pringle. Fix the game by kidnapping Andy Reid, disguising yourself as him, and making sure Pringle gets 35 targets from Mahomes. Have a close friend or relative knock a few referees unconscious and you’re on your way to a huge $2 double-up win! Cha-ching!

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