I Have Mac Jones In Fantasy, And I Now Strongly Believe Handoffs Should Count For Quarterbacks

Boston, MA – My name is Richard Jeffries and Mac Jones is my fantasy team’s quarterback. As of Monday night, I have a new opinion I’m really passionate about: Quarterbacks should receive points for handing the ball off. I had not felt this way until Monday night’s game when Mac Jones handed off 46 times and threw the ball just 3 times.

Long story short, I had to start Jones in a must-win game. I was down by 45 points going into Monday Night Football, with Mac Jones as my only player. He scored 0 points. If each handoff was one point, I would have won! Why aren’t handoffs worth points?! As of this week, I think that’s total bullcrap!

After all, handoffs require skill, right? Hand-eye coordination, too!

For the last eleven years that I’ve played fantasy football, I’ve never thought handoffs should count for points. But now that there is a hypothetical scoring adjustment that would’ve given me a win, I think we need to make the change. Again, this is a new opinion I have because it would have benefited me. Yes, I am very good at self-awareness. Thank you for saying that.

Who is with me?! Who is ready to do what is finally right for quarterbacks? Say it with me: LET’S GIVE QUARTERBACKS FANTASY POINTS FOR HANDING OFF.

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