Netflix’s “Home Team” Criticized For Scene Of Kevin James Ordering Bounty On Opposing Team’s 11-Year-Old Quarterback

Netflix’s new NFL movie “Home Team,” which depicts Saints head coach Sean Payton coaching his son’s PeeWee team while suspended from the NFL, has been making waves around the internet. Mostly for one controversial scene: Payton, played by Kevin James, ordering a bounty on an opposing team’s star 11-year-old quarterback.

In the official trailer, Payton’s son’s team is down 25-7 at halftime of the Southern Louisiana Regional PeeWee Finals, and James slowly enters the locker room before throwing a chair in anger. “Someone needs to injure that 11-year-old kid that has three touchdowns. Do you punk ass losers want to win?!,” he yells while several children begin crying. “FINE,” James says. “Nobody wants to do what’s necessary? I’ll throw out a little bonus.”

James, strapped for cash with no NFL paychecks coming in, decides to incentivize his son’s team by speaking their language. “First player to take their quarterback out by the knees gets free Dairy Queen and Pokemon cards after the game, on me,” Payton says. Immediately, all the kids perk up and began foaming at the mouth while James and the coaches rally their players. The nation gasped in horror at Netflix’ controversial decision to include the scene.

“My God,” thousands of people said in horror. “Did this really happen? This guy’s a monster.” Netflix executives declined to comment amidst the rallying cries for the scenes to be removed.

The following scene shows Taylor Lautner, playing the team’s defensive coordinator, shouting “Hell yeah boys, let’s do this shit!,” while showing his linebackers diagrams of the human knee before taking the field for the second half.

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