Top Five Reasons My Fantasy Team’s Playoff Win Was Bullshit According To The Guy I Eliminated

I eliminated one of my good friends from our fantasy league’s playoffs this past weekend, but apparently not without some “b.s. (bullshit)” involved. Here’s the top 5 reasons my win didn’t count according to him:

1. He didn’t set his lineup correctly. Apparently, he was busy every moment through the entire week all the way up until 1:00 on Sunday and couldn’t swap out a running back that hasn’t played since Week 7.

2. He sneezed during the draft and accidentally clicked on Allen Robinson instead of Cooper Kupp, who he actually wanted. He said to “just trust him” that he totally wanted Kupp in the third round.

3. His grandfather passed away. I’m not sure what his death in 2016 had to do with our matchup, but that’s what he said.

4. He forgot to use the waiver wire for the entirety of the year. That’s actually a solid excuse, I can see how that would happen.

5. If his players scored more points, he would’ve won. Damn, got me there.

After reviewing the list, I decided that if I win the championship, I’ll split the winnings 50/50 with him. The sound logic is just too strong.

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