Top 10 White Players Of All Time

Let’s make something clear: we give our fans what they want. When “Boomer” from Alabama angrily called us out for not talking enough about White players or not having the confederate flag in our twitter header, we felt awful. Our readers matter. You, dear Gazetter, are our children. Boomer, you asked for more respect for the White man? Deal.

Here is Fantasy Gazette’s Top 10 Greatest White NFL Players Of All Time:

#1 Reggie White, DE (1985-2000). Hall of Famer, 13x Pro Bowler, 2x DPOTY, 2x Sack Leader.

Reggie’s easily the best White player in NFL history. What? Were you expecting someone else?

#2 Randy White, LB (1975-88). Hall of Famer, 9x Pro Bowler, Roundhouse kick measuring 400psi (hell yeah)

Another elite White athlete, Randy was deceptively fast.

#3 Roddy White, WR (2005-15). 4x Pro Bowler, 1x Catch leader, 10,863 career receiving yards

Here we have a hard-working White. Great member of the locker room, he’s one of the good ones.

#4 Sammy White, WR (1976-86). 2x Pro Bowler, ROTY (76), 6,400 career receiving yards

Sammy was a scrappy gym rat type of athlete and a perfect fit in Minnesota.

#5 Tre’Davious White, DB (2017-Pres). 2x Pro Bowler, INT leader (2019), 21 career takeaways

This White is known for being a first-in, last-out type of player. A true grinder.

#6 James White, RB (2014-Pres). 3x SB Champion, Most catches in a playoff game (15), SB LI MVP if they didn’t always give it to quarterbacks

He gives me Patriots slot WR vibes.

#7 Charles White, RB (1980-1988). 1x Pro Bowler, NFL rushing yards/TDs leader (’87), 3,075 career rush yards

White running backs are hard to find. Charles was a true student of the game.

#8 Devin White, LB (2019-Pres). SB LV Champion, 355 total tkls, Bucs’ record holder for FF in one game and longest fumble return TD.

I’d let him date my daughter.

#9 Stan White, LB (1972-82). LB Single Season INT record holder (8),#3 All-time LB career takeaways (49)

Blue collar White guy. And we don’t just mean the one on that classic Colts uniform!

#10 Arthur “Tarzan” White, OL (1937-45). Alabama Sports HOF, 2x heavyweight wrestling world champion, hella badass nickname

Coaches’ kid, locker room glue guy, and zero off-the-field concerns.

We hope you enjoyed the list, Boomer! We know you think the NFL is a White man’s game, and we wanted to stand with you by sharing the best of the best! Sorry your Crimson Tide couldn’t get it done in the championship game, and best of luck at that rally you told us you were going to this weekend!

One comment

  • What about Cooper Kupp? He’s a White WR’er who lead the NFL in target’s, reception’s, yard’s & Touchdowns❗️Without Kupp, the Rams don’t get the W vs the Bucs, period! He had 2 huge catches on the Rams final drive, 1 being the game clinching TOUCHDOWN. Cooper had 8 catches for 193 yards! #WhitePlayersNeedMoreRespect

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