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CONTROVERSY: 49ers Wide Receiver Coach Heard Shouting “Let’s Go Brandon!” At Practice

Turns out San Francisco’s Wide Receiver coach is an absolute f*cking racist asshole right-winger Joe-Rogan-supporting piece of shit. One of Fantasy Gazette’s unpaid interns (posing as an actual paid intern) visited San Francisco’s practice and overheard the coach yell “Let’s go Brandon” while the wideouts worked on running routes. Truly sickening. Apparently, one of the team’s top young receivers (our

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HEARTBREAKING: This Quarterback Made A Cool Throw But Nobody Gave A Shit Because He’s Not Patrick Mahomes

Rolling out of the pocket to his left on 4th-and-13 with defenders closing in on him, a professional quarterback who goes by the name “Kirk Cousins” rotated his body back to a throwing position, took a vicious hit from a 300-lb lineman and launched the ball sidearm down the left sideline. The ball was perfectly timed and placed in the

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What A Dick: Matthew Stafford Saw This Cornerback Struggling For The Entire Super Bowl And Didn’t Offer To Help Him At All

Rams QB Matthew Stafford is an absolute douchebag. He saw Bengals CB Eli Apple absolutely fail to guard Cooper Kupp for an entire Super Bowl and just turned and walked the other way. What a dick! If I were him in that situation, I would’ve thrown Apple a couple of free interceptions to make him feel better. The least he

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Way-Too-Early 3022 Fantasy Football Rankings

While other dumb sites are just looking ahead to 2022, Fantasy Gazette is revealing the future and ranking the top 12 choices for your 3022 fantasy football draft. Adjust the rankings accordingly. 1. Christian McCaffrey, RB – Carolina Panthers The RB1 overall from 2019 was purely dominant when healthy. Despite being retired for over 980 years and dead for over

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Opinion: After Tonight, Joe Burrow Is Either The Next Tom Brady Or Should Quit The NFL Forever Because He’s Ass

Los Angeles, LA – Jackson Johnson, an up-and-coming sportswriter, podcast host, and social media personality, announced that following the end of Super Bowl 56 tonight, Bengals QB Joe Burrow is either the next Tom Brady, or should quit forever for being so ass at the sport of football, sources confirmed. “Yeah, it’s pretty simple.” Johnson said. “Either Burrow is a

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Rooney Rule Will Now Include Head Coaches Whose Best Friends Are Black

Following another Head Coach cycle that produced less-than-stellar results for diversity and African-American hirings, the NFL announced Tuesday that – beginning in 2023 – the “Rooney Rule” would be expanding to include candidates who claim that “some of their best friends in the whole world” are black. “This is truly an exciting time for diversity and inclusion,” said Roger Goodell.

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