Brian Flores Suing His Lawyer For Suing White Men Instead Of Him

GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE – In what’s been a busy month for Brian Flores, the disgruntled former Head Coach has reached a new class-action lawsuit: he’s suing his own lawyer for suing a bunch of white guys and not him. “Why’s he suing all these white guys and not me? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see something fishy is going on here,” said Flores.

Flores has hired a new attorney, Jeffrey Lawson, to handle the lawsuit against Wigdor LLP, who Flores chose to represent him after not landing the Giants gig. “This clear immoral conduct by Flores’ other lawyers calls for justice,” said Lawson. “Wigdor LLP has chosen to sue several white males this year. It’s disgraceful to see the blatant and obvious racism here.”

“I deserve an equal opportunity to be sued by Brian Flores’ lawyers,” said Brian Flores. “One day, these attorneys will learn that suing black men like myself is perfectly fine, and should not be treated like a chore. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get sued at the rate white men are getting sued by me.”

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