NBA Fan Looking Forward To Game 2 Of Super Bowl

Manitowoc, WI – Local NBA Fan and casual football follower Josh Snead was relaxing Sunday before he and his buddies were gathering to watch Game 2 of the NFL Finals. “Game 1 was alright, I guess. Rams kinda over-celebrated with the whole parade and everything. Jumping the gun a bit, smh, not humble,” Snead said via Twitter for Android.

Snead has been a lifelong follower of the NBA and frequently watches the MLB as well. He says the NFL playoffs just don’t do it for him. “They finish the best-of-7 series so fast it’s like I feel I barely caught any of the games. NBA moves much slower for me. I like my playoffs to take up two whole months of my time, y’know?”

In addition, Snead says he put down $50 on the Bengals to win in 7 games with a friend. “A buddy of mine gave me 100,000-to-1 odds. Do you know how insane that is? I’m gonna win like $50,000,000 if Cincy pulls it off.”

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