Winners And Losers: The Russell Wilson Trade

In a blockbuster move, and one of the biggest trades in NFL history, the Denver Broncos have acquired nine-time Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. Fantasy Gazette is here to break down the impact. Read here for our winners and losers.

Russell Wilson: LOSER

Wilson’s going to be in for it when the thin Colorado air takes his trademark “moon ball” pass out of the stadium, killing an innocent pigeon and landing him in serious trouble with the good folks over at PETA.

Noah Fant: WINNER

Fant, for a brief moment it appeared, would have to learn to play for a completely new quarterback. Yikes, can you say chemistry issues? Fortunately, Fant will continue with Drew Lock at the helm, making him and his target share safe in 2022.

D.K. Metcalf: WINNER

Metcalf will need to show off his elite speed while tracking down all the defensive backs intercepting Drew Lock’s passes, allowing him to woo USA’s National Track and Field Team just in time for the 2024 Olympic qualifiers.

Denver fans: LOSERS

Broncos Nation will have to attend some home games in January now. Brrr! No thanks!

Tyler Lockett: LOSER

Tyler will be overwhelmed with guilt from how much money he makes and how few overthrown passes he’s able to catch.

Javonte Williams: LOSER

Williams must now play with the burden of unbelievable expectation. Javonte can expect an e-mail from me in every game he doesn’t single-handedly carry my fantasy football team to victory. Does he not know I’m playing the commissioner this week?


Did Ridley do something wrong or something? I can’t even remember now.

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