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Incoming Rookie Has Tragic Backstory Of Perfectly Healthy Parents Who Never Sold Crack

NORWICH, VT – Every April, the NFL Draft showcases hopeful stars and their rise to the big leagues. We also hear how they got there, and it’s often riddled with difficulties, involving death, hard drugs, and divorce. This year, one rookie has had it the worst: he grew up in an affluent neighborhood with absolutely no major life issues at

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Perfectly Healthy Man Completes 39th Mock Draft

Somewhere Online, USA – NFL superfan Jesse Montoya was pleased to announce via social media he completed his 39th personal mock draft ahead of Thursday Night. “Yeah, this is definitely the one,” he said. “I was up all night studying the Eagles’ draft strategy for the last 15 years and went through Bill Belichick’s trading tendencies, which I almost forgot

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Fantasy Football Player Arrested After Filing Tax Return With Trade Calculator

Cleveland, OH – A fantasy football player and formerly upstanding citizen was arrested outside his Cleveland residence when the IRS determined he filed his 2021 tax return with a fantasy football trade calculator. Sources to Fantasy Gazette confirmed 29-year-old Joshua Larkinson, a three-time dynasty champion, used the website TurboTax and to defraud the federal government. Charles Rettig, the Commissioner

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Alvin Kamara Removes “When The Saints Go Marching In” From His Favorite Spotify Playlist

NEW ORLEANS, LA – These days, you can never be too sure if a pro athlete’s subliminal messaging means he’s on the outs. Kyler Murray unfollowing the Cardinals preceded a lengthy letter about his contract. Today, Saints RB Alvin Kamara removed the song “When The Saints Go Marching In” from his Spotify playlist titled “Alvin’s Fav Songs.” Uh oh. The

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Braxton’s Corner: Five Reasons Why Rashaad Penny Is My Number One Overall Pick In 2022

FANTAGY GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE: welcome back to braxton corner it’s me braxton im 13 years’ old. Lets’ get straight to it! Seattle seahawks running back Rashad Penny should be the number one overall pick in fantasy football in 2022. Yes am serious. Here why: Number 1: Rashaad Penny was a first round pick in 2018. FIRST ROUND. Do you know how

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