Braxton’s Corner: Five Reasons Why Rashaad Penny Is My Number One Overall Pick In 2022

FANTAGY GAZETTE EXCLUSIVE: welcome back to braxton corner it’s me braxton im 13 years’ old. Lets’ get straight to it! Seattle seahawks running back Rashad Penny should be the number one overall pick in fantasy football in 2022. Yes am serious. Here why:

Number 1: Rashaad Penny was a first round pick in 2018. FIRST ROUND. Do you know how good u have to be to be drafted first round. Think of guys like Najee Harris. Ezeekiel Elliot? Ever heard of them? Right of course you have they are good so is penny. Dont’ be a dummy he is good.

Reason B: 119 carries, 749 yards. That s an average of 6.4 yards per carry. HOLY COW GUYS. Thats’ more than Jamal Charles, and more than Chris Carson (who should proably be benched). I had Penny in fantasy last year when he did that so im rooting for him and I know hes good. Trust!

Number #3: Russ Wilson is gone. Yes he was traded to denver not sure if you heard but thats what google sayed. Seahawks will have to run the ball a lot more bcause he’s not there. Plus he through 6 interceptions’ last year so now that he’s gone thats six more possessions for Seattle. And that’s Good for Rashaad!

4: I dont like Chris Carson. Yeah maybe you do and thats cool or whatever but two years ago my stepdad Jeremy had Chris Carson in fantasy and i lost to him in the semifinals because of it. So now i hate chris carson and think he sucks and that means it’s PENNY SZN.!

Lastly, reason number five: Rahsaad is just 26 years old. Thats kinda old to me cuz im 13 but the point is hes younger than Derrick Henry (Titans running back, I think.) He will have more energy than guys like him and he’s been hurt so much he’s plenty fresh for 2022.


He went to san Diego state. Jeremy took me there last summer for vacation and it’s a cool city.

Rashaad Penny is a cool name.

Chris Carson hurt his neck and has a weird name

I joined a dynasty league and drafted Rashaad Penny first round

I need Penny to do good because of this article

I bet my friend Aiden that Penny would be better than Javonte Williams for the next five years

hang on mom i’ll be down soon im almost finished

oops i accidentally wrote that one down instead of saying it

that one too


Thanks for reading braxtons corner have agreat week!!

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