Tua Tagovailoa Fails To Convince Mom To Buy Him New Toy At Wal-Mart After Underthrowing Tantrum

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A WAL-MART OUTSIDE MIAMI, FL – Dolphins starting QB Tua Tagovailoa has failed to acquire a new toy at Wal-Mart, sources confirmed. The lefty from Alabama was reportedly attempting to throw a tantrum to acquire the new NERF semi-automatic N-Strike Elite Blaster gun at the toy aisle. Witnesses say Tagovailoa underthrew the tantrum, and was unable to provoke the proper amount of empathy and cash from his mother.

“Yeah, it was really sad,” said a local onlooker who was purchasing fishing line and bait in the next aisle. “I could tell he wanted the NERF gun, but I just wasn’t convinced he was the type of kid who could throw the necessary tantrum. Patrick Mahomes was in here half an hour ago and threw a tantrum so hard his mom bought him six different LEGO city builds. Truly remarkable, hats off to that kid.”

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