Panthers Announce Josh Allen Is Their Next QB Target: “The 2018 Class Will Be Ours”

CHARLOTTE, NC – Drunk with power following the acquisition of QB Baker Mayfield from Cleveland, the Carolina Panthers announced Wednesday they will “stop at nothing” to acquire Bills superstar QB Josh Allen in order to complete their collection of the 2018 quarterback class.

“This is the move our fans have been begging us to do,” head coach Matt Rhule said. “Panthers fans, we listened and we got you Baker to go along with Sam M.F. Darnold. Next up is that Allen fella from Buffalo. I’m going to get Sean McDermott’s bald head on the phone right now! Ha, and they said I couldn’t turn around this franchise,” Rhule said under his breath.

Early reports suggest the trade offers include all the midround picks the team hasn’t already wasted on the past three years of its quarterback carousel.

Mayfield was taken 1st overall by the Browns in 2018, but had his career hit in its metaphorical kneecaps when the team made him hand off to Nick Chubb so much that his throws to Jarvis Landry were off target because he wasn’t getting to practice them enough. Then, the team allowed Odell Beckham, Sr. to cyberbully the former Heismann Trophy winner.

At press time, the team announced they were skipping over Josh Rosen from the 2018 class and moving straight through to a trade offer for Lamar Jackson.

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