Kyler Murray Signs Massive Twitch Contract That Requires 4 Weekly Hours Of Fortnite Practice

FaZe member and part-time Cardinals QB Kyler Murray has signed a massive contract extension with Twitch, locking him into the platform for the forseeable future at a handsome salary, but the contract features a clause that has worried FaZe fans and the gaming community.

Twitch included a clause that Kyler Murray must practice his building, combat, and position skills at Fortnite, no less than four hours per week, in order to receive a credit and keep his guaranteed money.

Many professional gaming analysts and community members immediately noticed the strange clause, which should never need to be included when you have a streamer as dedicated to their craft as Murray should be.

Twitch should likely have kept something like this closer to the chest, but perhaps this was their way of sending Murray a warning. It’s no secret Murray spends some of his free time leading the offensive for the Arizona Cardinals football team, and Twitch may have been worried he’d be distracted throwing a ball to Marquise Brown when he should be learning to properly squad wipe bots in Tilted Towers.

“Where’s this type of micromanagement for Ninja? I don’t see Speed or FlightReacts needing anything in their deals that says they have to spend extra hours cranking 90s or getting squad dubs…something’s off,” read a scathing report from an anonymous pro gaming expert.

At press time, Twitch CEO Emmett Shear led a surprise press conference instilling confidence in their new budding star. “Murray is a bright young man. His ability to bait noobs and catch dubs in build battles rivals any other streamer his age. This contract reflects his ability to do that. We just want to make sure he’s focused on staying cracked at Fortnite and no-scoping without any distraction from his side hustle as a quarterback in the NFL.”

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