Two Dead, Seven Injured After Someone Recommends ZeroRB Draft Strategy At 2022 Fantasy Football Expo

Canton, OH – Two fantasy football analysts are dead and at least seven more are injured after a well-known analyst recommended the ZeroRB draft strategy during a redraft panel at the 2022 Fantasy Football Expo.

The analyst who started the riot, who will remain anonymous for their own safety, broke down an option players can use to wait until round 8 or later to draft their first RB. Eyewitnesses say the rioting began instantly.

“Before you could say ‘Rhamondre Stevenson’ there were fists flying left and right,” said one analyst. “I think I even saw someone with a hand grenade like in Anchorman.”

“I’ve never heard such loud shouting and instant bloodlust,” said a NFL fan who was there with his son. “I did kill one of the guys but, hey, you would too if you heard how late he’d be okay grabbing Raheem Mostert as his second starter. He had it coming.”

Canton police are still collecting reports, stay tuned to Fantasy Gazette for more updates.

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