NFL Celebrating Latino Heritage Month By Broadcasting Games With Dark Yellow Filter

BREAKING – Sources have confirmed that the NFL is promoting Latino Heritage Month (September 15th-October 15th) by broadcasting all of its live gamed with a dark yellow color filter to give the appearance the games are being played in Mexico.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said the move is a long overdue one to give representation to the constantly dark and ominous yellow sky that plagues all of Mexico forever. In addition to a new NFL shield logo with a state-of-the-art accent above the “N,” Goodell said the filter will make young Latino and Latina NFL fans feel right at home, while giving traditional NFL viewers the experience of a lifetime by using their subconscious bias against them and thinking the Packers home game against Chicago is actually being played in Mexico City.

The integration will be seamless, said the NFLPA, and after watching several episodes of Breaking Bad and the Netflix action movie Extraction, viewers can quickly see the yellow filter both increases awareness for Latino communities and improved representation for all.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that this filter may give even the palest of NFL stars, like Christian McCaffrey and Tom Brady, a sexy new tan to their skin. Arriba!

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