BetterHelp To Begin Offering Therapy For Fantasy Football Related Trauma

BetterHelp, an online therapy portal, announced Tuesday a new version of their services directed at a specific audience: therapy for fantasy football players. Fantasy Football Related Trauma (FFRT) affects millions of Americans per year, and BetterHelp is taking initiative to fix it.

“We can keep offering therapy for mental health conditions, sure,” said CEO Alon Matas. “But we’re not getting to the root of the problem: fantasy football. Our patients experiencing anxiety feel it worst during Monday Night Football when their WR3 needs 55 yards or they lose. We took a hard look at the data, and fantasy football is the cause of nearly every issue.”

Matas showed us charts confirming the theory. Patients with OCD were just fantasy football players who forgot to set a lineup in 2014 and missed the playoffs as a result. Patients who reported depression symptoms rostered more running backs with torn ACLs than anyone else in BetterHelp’s clientel.

A whopping 88% of new therapy clients to BetterHelp in 2022 drafted Jets running back Breece Hall. The other 12% are Broncos fans.

“BetterHelp was able to help me find trauma in my past,” said client Jordan Pinto, the first FFRT client. “In 2010, I benched Kenny Britt when he had 7 catches for 225 yards and 3 touchdowns That’s over 40 points, and I lost to my older brother by five. I had been holding insane amounts of pain in my heart from that day. Without BetterHelp, I still wouldn’t be talking to my brother.”

The team of therapists are FFRT trained and able to talk through the following mental health traumas:

  1. Guilt caused by poor lineup decisions
  2. Depression from poorly-aged dynasty trades
  3. Trauma from clicking “Draft Recap”
  4. Gambling addictions (playing DFS)
  5. Being put on the Fantasy Receipts account
  6. Rooting for the Packers
  7. Fantasy football playoff losses that ruin Christmas weekend for everyone

If you or a loved one or a coworker or your old buddy from college or that guy from the online fantasy football forum are in your leagues and experiencing pain, send ’em on over to BetterHelp and get started today.

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