Braxton’s Corner: I Am Behind The ‘Fantasy Receipts’ Account

hey every one it is me braxton i am a righter for the fantasy gazett ei am 13 year old and it is time to come clean,: IM BEHIND THE FANTASY RECEIPTS ACCOUNT! IT WASME THE WHOLE TIME. Thats’ write, you heard me correct. it was me and only me, a 13 year old. this is my confesion:

back in the summer, we had a staff meeting at the gazette HQ (thats short for head quarters in case you didnt know). We talked about the best way to really get at the community, and they were talking about making clever jokes and more sat tire articles, but i said shut up dumass idiots nobody clicks our links!!!!1

so i went off on my own and created an account that was like NOTHING ANYONE has ever DONE befour! I called it “Making Fun of Analysts,” then changed it 2 “Exposing The Thread Writers,” before settling on “Fantasy Receipts.” I was overwhelmed with 15,000 DMs the next day! that’s called CONTENT CREATION, BABY.

any weigh you can all settel down now as it was i braxton aged 13 who runs the account. i like seeing every1 cry and bicth because ur DUMB! if your justin fFields take was bad after 4 weeks BAM i expose u. if you project austin ekekeler to run for 100 yards and he gets only 88 BOOM exposed!

time to face fax: i, braxton, am simply better. receipts proves it. keep sending them in, and lets keep exposing all the idiot softy liberal crybabys out there. braxton rules!!


B (Braxton)

PS. if ur name is luke sawhook, ian hartitz, or jeff greenwood u suck at this whole anaylsis thing

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