Antonio Brown Tired Of Being Disrespected By Therapist

Following yet another shocking event in which he embarrassed or otherwise degraded himself, former NFL star wide receiver Antonio Brown spoke to reporters and saying he was tired of being disrespected by his therapist. “It gets really old when you’re just trying to live your life and this mental health dude you meet with every week starts telling you about your ‘greatest fears’ and ‘childhood traumas’ and all that bullshit.” Brown has been in the news for exposing himself in public, making derogatory comments and tweets about commonly-respected former teammates, and antics beyond human capacity but continues to land himself in hot water with his therapist, clearly to his dismay. “It drives me crazy when he listens to my problems and offers me alternative solutions to figuring out my own identity and purpose through healthy means, I’m just trying to run some post routes and get naked on the internet. I’m over this.”

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