BREAKING: Bengals Claim Arrowhead Scoreboard Was Rigged To Show Chiefs With Higher Final Score

KANSAS CITY, MO – The Cincinnati Bengals released a statement calling on the NFL to review the scoreboard at Arrowhead Stadium for showing Kansas City with a higher final score at the end of the AFC Championship Game. The team believes the NFL corroborated with the scoreboard technician.

“Clearly, we believe that the orange section labelled Cincinnati should have the higher number,” said Bengals coach Zac Taylor. “The NFL made sure that the scoreboard operator typed in ‘2-3’ after Harrison Butker’s kick allegedly went through the uprights.” Quarterback Joe Burrow also voiced his frustration, noting that the numbers were changing the entire game and conveniently showed the Chiefs with more points right at the game hit zero. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the points were the same number right up until the end. Kinda shady,” Burrow said.

Bengals fans stormed Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, and Truth Social to call on the NFL to launch a full-scale investigation. They claimed that in most of their games, their number on the scoreboard was higher than the other teams, making yesterday’s loss very suspect.

“The refs watched as the scoreboard remained at 23-20 and did NOTHING. They could have told them to make it 27-23 Cincinnati, but they DIDN’T. ROBBERY. #NFLRIGGED. I WANT TO KILL ANDY REID” said @WhoDeyZNuts on Twitter.

“NFL WANT CHIEFS IN SOUPER BOWL NOT CINCY! WHY NOT CINCY! CHEATERS! TRUMP 2024” said @FJB_Bengals_Fan on Truth Social. (We asked him what the FJB stood for, and he said it was Fabulous Joe Burrow. We were pleasently surprised).

We will report back to you with more information on the conspiracy when more information comes to light. For now, the NFL should carefully watch over the Super Bowl 57 scoreboard operator in case of more hijinks.

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