Finally: This Dynasty Player’s Rebuild Will Officially Be Over In Just 15 More Years

Lexington, KY – It’s a beautiful time in any dynasty fantasy football player’s life: the moment they know their rebuild is over. Just ask Paul Forman, whose years of research and elaborate trades have prepared his dynasty team for a championship run no earlier than the year of our Lord 2038. “After sending away D’Andre Swift and Jaylen Waddle for a couple 2025 1sts, and then sending those 2025 1sts during that year’s draft for 2027 1sts, and so on and so forth, I will have a complete title team when I’m dangerously approaching 40 years old,” Forman said. “The key to dynasty is never actually hold any good players. Just get draft picks and then always push them back.” Forman said he has set a personal rule to never roster a player over 25 years old or a draft pick that’s ever projected to be “late” in the round. “I’d rather have an early 2nd than a late 1st, and I’d rather kill myself than roster a 27-year-old WR. I don’t care if he’s the WR5. He’s almost 28 and that’s almost 30 and that’s almost…dead,” he said while dry heaving.

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