We’re Not In Wisconsin Anymore: Aaron Rodgers Has Gotten Lost On His First Day In New York City

NEW YORK CITY, NY – In a shocking turn of events, new Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has struck fear into the hearts of the NFL world Wednesday when a troubling report revealed he got lost walking the crowded and confusing streets of New York. According to sources, Rodgers decided to go for a leisurely stroll around the city but soon found himself lost in the maze of streets and buildings, unsure what all of these traffic lights and cars were doing there.

Eyewitnesses say that Rodgers was spotted wandering aimlessly around Times Square, asking confused pedestrians for directions to MetLife Stadium while having zero clue the actual location of the stadium is in New Jersey.

“Hello, please help, I’m so scared,” muttered a distraught Rodgers among a crowd of over 100+ people, something he had never seen in the streets of Green Bay, WI. “There are yellow cars everywhere and one honked at me and I can’t find Allen Lazard.”

The search for Rodgers is currently underway, with the NYPD and Jets officials working together to locate the star quarterback. Meanwhile, fans have taken to social media to express their concern for Rodgers and to offer their own theories as to his whereabouts.

Some have speculated that the heavy presence of vaccinated people in the big city may have compromised his immune system or that he couldn’t find a Custer’s to seek refuge in. Officials said Rodgers may have been found sooner if anyone at all was a Jets fan in the immediate vicinity, but the green logo was nowhere to be found among the locals. The football world is holding its breath until he is found.

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