MrBeast Announces $100,000 FAAB Giveaway

NORTH CAROLINA – Famous YouTuber and person your kid knows “MrBeast,” aka Jimmy Donaldson, is no stranger to giving away large sums of money or extravagant gifts to his subscribers in videos. His latest announcement might just have a new demographic lining up to become his fans. And it might be part of a bigger plan. MrBeast plans to give away $100,000 worth of Free Agent Acquisition Budget, or FAAB, this month.

“Way too many of my fans are lame teenagers and rich kids,” said Donaldson, 25. “We’re really after that 28-45 demographic. The ones playing fantasy football, likely with no spouse or kids, who would literally devote their lives for this generous heaping of FAAB that we’re handing out.”

MrBeast anticipates no less than 37,000-41,000 fantasy football players will enter the sweepstakes, eager to get their sweaty and clammy hands all over some new FAAB on the app Sleeper, all for the purpose of grabbing free agents that quite honestly will never see their starting lineup. Anything to get a leg up on the league, they figure you’ll say.

“With FAAB like this, you can get your hands on so many Puka Nacua or Pooka Williams or Preston Williams shares, you filthy degenerat–uhh I mean awesome and super cool fantasy managers,” MrBeast said via Instagram Live. “Come on guys, come get this FAAB we’re giving away. You never know when Tom Brady’s gonna unretire and you gotta unload the virtual wallet to get the Dolphins’ new QB1. Get the hell over here and be my new fans now.”

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